Seat 600 For the whole family
Seat 850 Special to be built in Spain
Hispano-Suiza 26 CV Junior 1929 in front of the Spanish factory
Panther 6 Wheeler 1977
Alfa Romeo Coach 1950 with body by Varesina
EWK Bison 7 ton 1982 Amphibian truck from Germany
Fiat 1100 1949 Body by Orlandi
FAP 1960 from the former Yugoeslavia, license Saurer Autriche
Peugeot 504 Break Riviera 1971 from Pininfarina
French electric Taxi 1898 at Paris 1898
Borgward 1 1/2 ton B1500 1953 in front of the dissapeared hall
Büssing Three Axles 1925 the first of this kind from the company
Maserati 3500 GT Touring 1962
Fiat 500 Cabriolet 1957 by Pietro Frua
Alfa Romeo Mille
Alfa Romeo Coach with body by Italian Sicca
Madrid Barajas 1956 The plant to build the Pegaso trucks
Saurer D330 The Swiss truck in istambul
White 3000 1954 The American heavy truck of the fifties
Hispano-Suiza 2T4 M 1929
Steyr VI Sport 1923
Saurer 1908 one of the first car of this company
Alfa Romeo 1900 Coupe Body by Castagna
OM Body by Borsani
Lancia Esatau B you remember that Lancia also built trucks?
Automatic Electric 1921 from America
American Electric truck 1901 from the end of 19th century
Leyland Eight 1920
Pegaso II Diesel 1949 with rectangular headlights
Chrysler with body by Italian Vignale