V.Christian Manz

V.Christian Manz

I am a multicultural journalist of the world of cars, trucks and buses, realizing all kind of contents for websides, magazines, encyclopaedias, books and others, including all photos and pictures, in Spanish and German languages (others are optional). My specialities are:

1. The Electric Vehicle, 100% electric, hybrid, ecologic, history, present and future, yestederday-today-tomorrow

2. The history of all the car, van, truck, bus and coach companies, still existing or extinct 

3. Special automotive inventions like propeller driven cars, rocket cars, the gas turbine, the amphibious cars (water and air), cars with three and more axles, steam cars and trucks, the retractable hardtop, etc.

In spring 2011 I created the website www.prestigeelectriccar.com, dedicated mostly to the E-Mobility and in 2017 the web www.historiasdelcoche.com, dedicated specially to the books about electric cars I am writing.

At the end of 2017 my first book about "History of the Electric Car" was published, called LOS PIONEROS, going from 1870 up to 1906. At this moment only available in Spanish, but for the new version I am looking for publisher in England and Germany.

And in the first days from 2018 my second book of "History of the Electric Car" appeared, called SILENCIOSOS Y LIMPIOS, going from 1905-1936; about the histories happened on the "Belle Epoque"

Every book has 120 pages and about 300 images

In October 2022, the book "alternativ mobil" was published by OLMS Verlag, written together with the author Halwart Schrader and published in German, with 440 pages and more than 750 photographs, currently the most comprehensive work on the subject of Electro-Mobility.

For the illustration of these contents, I nourish myself of my own huge photographic and document collection. I am a collector of documents (catalogues, leaflets, magazines, books, photos, etc.) since more than 40 years, occasional photographer since the seventieth, maintaining a data base of more than 300.000 images, available for editors, writers, investigators, advertising, etc. Most of these documents and images are already scanned so I have a very huge image database.