Renault Avantime
Barreiros Panter
Commercial truck 1913
Sensaud de Lavaud
Seat 600 For the whole family
Fulton Airphibian
Steinmetz 1922 Electric Vehicles
Stietencron Schwenke
Seat 850 Special to be built in Spain
Delaunay Belleville 1913 Cars for the Sha
Fulton Airphibian
Detroit Electric 1916
Suzuki Jimny
Mors 1910 Original brochure 32 pages
Saurer 1908 one of the first car of this company
Owen Magnetic The car of a thousand speeds
Exide 1922 The Electric Motor Truck
Carrozzeria Viberti
Selbst-Zünder The history of Eduardo Barreiros
Amphi Ranger german amphibian in Spain
Volkswagen Passat W8 Enjaulado
Hispano-FIAT 522, built at Guadalajara
FAP 1960 from the former Yugoeslavia, license Saurer Autriche
Toyota Prius with the prototype in Spain
Bleichert 1936 Germany
JBR Morgan Threewheeler replik
Peugeot 504 Break Riviera 1971 from Pininfarina
Doble The Luxe Phaeton 2 a luxery steam car
Wilson Electric 1936 from England
Pegaso En plena faena
Rauch & Lang Electric 1909
Hispano-Suiza 26 CV Junior 1929 in front of the Spanish factory
Burlat Frères One of the first cars with rotative engine
Alfa Romeo Coach with body by Italian Sicca
National Electric 1904
Mega Linie The Peruan company Roggero
Nacional Pescara 1930 with original letter
Alfa Romeo Romeo Autotutto 1
Owen Magnetic
Automatic Electric 1921 from America
Broc 1911 The Luxurious Broc Electric
Borgward 1 1/2 ton B1500 1953 in front of the dissapeared hall
Bernard TD 211.35
Unic ZU 51
OM Body by Borsani
Echarri Spanish Replica