Bleichert 1936 Germany
The new Mini in Madrid
Alfa Romeo Coach with body by Italian Sicca
Zugvögel Buses and coaches from Spanish Hispano-Suiza
Suzuki Jimny
Stietencron Schwenke
Talbot Lago
Doble Phaeton de Luxe The American Steam Luxery Car
Toyota Prius with the prototype in Spain
Hispano-Suiza 2T4 M 1929
White 3000 1954 The American heavy truck of the fifties
Saurer D330 The Swiss truck in istambul
OM Body by Borsani
Owen Magnetic
Pope Waverly Electric 1906
National Electric 1904
Alfa Romeo Coach 1950 with body by Varesina
Lancia Esatau B you remember that Lancia also built trucks?
Burlat Frères
Unic ZU 51
Alfa Romeo 1900 Coupe Body by Castagna
Pegaso Sava J4 Vehiculo blindado
Reeves Octoauto with four axles and eight wheels
Berliet 1959 Gazelle GBC
Mercedes-Benz Diesel 1933
Elite elecrtic
Commercial truck 1913
OM from a Spanish military collection
Nacional Pescara 1930 built in Spain
4x4 extreme in Andalucia Festival de extremos
Rauch & Lang Electric 1909
Saurer 1908 one of the first car of this company
Borgward 1 1/2 ton B1500 1953 in front of the dissapeared hall
Fiol II 2021 A Forgotten Spanish Coachbuilder
Alfa Romeo Romeo Autotutto 2
Steinmetz 1922 Electric Vehicles
Barreiros Panter
The Swiss electric SAM built in Poland
Mors 1910 Original brochure 32 pages
Büssing Three Axles 1925 the first of this kind from the company
Hispano-FIAT 522, built at Guadalajara
Ford Gas Turbine
Couple Gear 1915 RElectric and Gas Electric Trucks
Amphi Ranger german amphibian in Spain
JBR Morgan Threewheeler replik
Owen Magnetic The car of a thousand speeds
Jabato, built in Spain For 4x4 extreme